Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Caleb says "Hi" to everyone all the time.  This is his go to word.  I think he has figured out that if he says this word people will say it back to him. “I don’t know what it means but its kinda fun to hear other people say this word back to me.”  When we take him to a restaurant he will say “Hi” to people as they walk by our table.  When he wakes up in the morning and we walk in to his room he probably says “Hi” about 15 times before we get his diaper changed.  “Hi” is his go to word. He has mastered it and it usually works for him they way he wants it to.

What is our go to thing?  What is that thing that we are comfortable with and so we use it over and over?  It has worked in the past.  It works most of the time I use it.  I use it and get expected results.  The results are not outstanding they are just consistent and comfortable. 

What if Caleb switched it up.  What if Caleb busted out a “Greetings”?  Two year old saying “HI’ is expected, two year old saying hello to you with a “Greetings” unexpected.  Could he say “Hi” and get a “hi” back?  Yes.  If he busted out the “Greetings” I believe he would get more reaction.  

Take a risk and switch up your go to thing.  Change your order at your favorite restaurant.  Get water instead of soda.  Go to a different park with your kids.  Go a different direction on your evening walk. Read a translation of the Bible your not used to.  Kneel while you pray.    Change something.  Switch up your go to thing.

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